For its rural, agrarian land

The railway was built in Skuodas During the Kaiser occupation in 1915. Most of the trees grown in Skuodas forests were transported to Germany by this railway. For this reason, today the forest area of the district is still less than 17%, when Lithuanian forest cover is 29%.
The peasants and collective farmers, Izidorius Navidanskas, A. and B. Žiemeliai, K. and also D. Pukeliai, near the manors, which has not survived, have started to create parks near their homesteads. Every year in all elderships, the competitions of the most beautiful homesteads are held, their hosts gets awards. Having only one bigger lake and sharing it with Latvians, they started to dam the rivers. In this way, 46 ponds with a total area of 420 ha were arranged.
According to the Department of Statistics, at the end of the 2006, 69.4 percent of the district population lived in the countryside. In Lithuania, 33.3% lives in villages, in Klaipeda county - 27.1 percent. Small settlements with up to 1000 inhabitants dominate in Skuodas municipality.
4556 inhabitants are engaged in traditional agriculture (grain, fodder, potato, livestock, dairying). Dairy farms are the most developed and prosperous. Much work has been done while encouraging people to grow berries, expanding the area of raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants. Theexhibitions of agricultural implements, machinery and rural household have been set up by entrepreneur Virginijus Mitkus, farmer Vidmantas Donėla and pensioner - Romas Daujotas.
Skuodas in essence - stony land, hardworking people.

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