Geographical location

The map of Lithuania placed on the table or hang up on the wall shows that Lithuania begins from Skuodas. In the numbered map Skuodas town is marked with the number one digit.
In all centuries distancefrom Skuodas to Riga were closer (within 200 km) than to Vilnius (over 360 km) or Kaunas (over 260 km).Skuodas from all the district centers of the Republic of Lithuania is closest to the state border with another country (with Latvia) - only 3 km.
Distances to the nearest city centers: 53 km to Mazeikiai, 54 km to Plungė, 52 km to Kretinga, 50 to 60 km to Liepaja. It is 63 km to Palanga and 40 km to the Baltic Sea (right angle). The county center of Klaipeda is 73 km away. When drought in Lithuania is not an issue in the summer, you can reach Liepaja lake from Mosėdis and Skuodas on the river Bartuva.
In Soviet times Skuodas district used to be called Kamchatka of Lithuania.
By Juozas Vyšniauskas

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