Not only the secret of the disappearance of Bareikiai town

After J. Chodkevičius became the owner of Skuodas he founded a new town in the same (small rural) district of Grūstė, which was named by the founders first family name of the Chodkevičiai - Bareikiai. In 1568 there were already 93 plots with houses, church, market and 6 streets - Skuodas, Gėsalai, Livonija, Bažnyčia, Plateliai and Dvaras. Bareikiai town owned 86 "valakai" (measuring unit = about 20 ha) and 20 "margų" (0,71 ha – land area) arable land that was bordered by Ylakiai village land. It is believed that the town of Bareikiai was burned at the beginning of the 19 th by the Swedens.
There is still a mystery where was the centre of the already mentioned Grūstė (small rural) district.
Who destroyed Skuodas Town Hall and when?
The meaning and essence of the words "Skouda boužė" have not been scientifically clarified. On what occasion and under what circumstances was the song and its words born: „Liuob šuoktė, liuob dainioutė, liuob į Skouda nuvažioutė, vo dabar pasena, su buoba gyvena". Perhaps just a narrow circle of scientists is aware of the Skuodas County Affairs.
From what year Skuodas became dean's center?
The era of Feudalism or serfdom is hardly imaginable without manors, palaces and castles. The heritage of this category has disappeared. Only the saying “"Velnių kaip Šarkės dvare"” recollect the former manors and their owners.
There are many mysterious things on Skuodas land. Isn't it time to reveal and solve them.

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