The biggest stone in Lithuania, other ice age relics

In Šaukliai there is Geological Reserve with an area of 162 hectares. The landscape with a large number of boulders which were brought by glaciers 12 – 13 thousand years ago from Sweden, Western Finland, and Baltic seabed rock, is stored in this geological reserve.
Lithuania's biggest boulder, brought from the south-west of Finland by glaciers 13-14 thousand years ago, lies near Barstyčiai. It consists of coarse-grained granite, its length is 13.4 m, height - 3.6 m, width - 7.5 m, weight - about 680 t. This boulder is a geological monument.
Vaclovas Intas Museum of unique boulders in Mosėdis was founded on February 26, 1979. Later this museum was renamed on behalf of its founder. The museum's exposition includes over 5,000 boulders brought from the fields of Mosėdis and the wider area fields. The stones scattered because of moving glaciers, which had been stumbling block for ploughing, become museum exhibits, pride of Mosėdis.
In Mosėdis, Bartuva Valley, where the exposition of boulders is set out, folklore ensembles and “Country Mokūlis” music festivals are organized.

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