HerbasHistorical data: the town of Aleksandrija is the centre of Skuodas district municipality eldership, located near Skuodas-Mažeikiai road, near the Latvian border. The village was originally called Truikinai. Here in 1778 duke Pranciškus Sapiega built a chapel and in 1797 this chapel received"valakas" (land measuring unit = about 20 ha), and after that the village was named Aleksandria (the Samogitians called it Aleksandrava).
When considering the possible motives of Aleksandria's coat of arms, local representatives said they were initially thinking of the famous Apuolė, but it was further away from the centre of the eldership. The village is famous for its water source (spring), but the oldest linden alley is most worthy of attention, especially for the senior citizens of Alexandria. Because of commission opinion in the drawing of coat of arms the linden alley and the water stream of Šmita were also depicted. After discussing all the options, it was decided to depict two green lindens, leaning to each other in Aleksanrija’s coat of arms to resemble the beginning of the linden alley and make the letter A. This alley would show Alexandria and could be attributed to a group of well-known "speaking" characters. Colouring the shields field with silver colour, which means water in heraldry; In the case of Alexandria, it can associate with the said mentioned water source of Šmita. In addition, two green lindens, leaning to each other, resemble an arch, or a gate that used to be built in Lithuania greeting the honourable guests. Also, remembering that Alexandria is on the border with Latvia, the significance of the gate becomes even wider, as these gates, are like a door to our country, that honourable guests are welcome from everywhere. On the other hand, linden, as the Tree of Life, has long been worshiped by our ancestors. Even before the famous linden trees alleys in the parks, these trees, in Lithuania, were planted around the homesteads, springs, villages and therefore began to symbolize the centre of the community. In conclusion, linden is a symbol of beauty, life, femininity and community.
The sketch of Aleksandria’s coat of arms was created by the artist Rolandas Rimkūnas. It was approved by the Lithuanian Heraldry Commission on 24 of February 2011.
Description of the coat of arms: In the silver field, from the green foot of a hill grows two green lindens, leaning to each other, forming the letter A.


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