SkuodasSkuodas received city rights on 17 of May 1572 from Jonas Chodkevičius, who at the time ruled the town, and was renamed Johansberg (John's Castle). The old name was still used, however. On February 18, 1645, under the care of Marshal Kazimieras Leonas Sapiega, ruler Vladislovas Vaza gave Skuodas Magdeburg rights. Then, for the first time, the symbol of the city seal was mentioned, "in the gate the head of St. John the Baptist."It undoubtedly appeared in 1572 and had a deep meaning. St. John the Baptist was the guardian of Jonas Chodkevičius and Skuodas, who was baptized in to Johannesburg. His day is June 24th, and August 29th is commemorated, as St. John's Day. John the Baptist's torture, decapitated day. The gates with towers are associated with the second part of the town name - the berg, which then meant the castle, the fortified settlement. The coat of arms depicts the castle gate and the head of St. John the Baptist who gives the meaning of the new town name – Johannesburg. It is the oldest "talking" city coat of arms in Lithuania, used until the 19th century. The first coat of arms of Skuodas was restored in 1970. However, after using the wrong drawing of M. Gumowskis, three crowns were depicted above the gate also the colours were replaced and the head of St. John the Baptist has disappeared. The coat of arms was soon removed. The restoration of the historical coat of arms of the Skuodas was approved by the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania on 6 of May, 1992.



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