Herbas 2Historical data: the town of Barstyčiai is the centre of Skuodas district municipality eldership. The name, according to linguists, comes from the personal name "Barstytis" or something like that.
When considering the possible motives of Barstyčiai coat of arms, the local representatives, including the artist Antanas Jankauskas, presented a number of motives: at the crossroads, the carriage with straw falling from him, because, according to local tradition, the name of the town derives from it. The next sketch depicts the Barstyčiai stone, carried by a giant who shows the Samogitian strength. In another variant, it was suggested to depict a fantasy based theme double-headed fish. It would symbolize the lakes of Laumės and Barstyčiai, which once, according to the local people, were one lake and only later separated into two parts. After the first consideration the artist was offered to develop the motives of the crossroads and fantasy fish. Later, after long discussions, it was decided to depict a double-headed fish in the Barstyčiai coat of arms, especially as there are many legendary characters in the surrounding places names and in folklore such as devils, witches, fairies and other fantasy creatures. The colour for shields outer part was selected silver or white. This colour means water in heraldry and is the colour of the old Samogitian military flags. The fantasy fish is coloured red. It is the colour of life, the love of the land, the bloodshed colour representing the battle for freedom. And the battles here in Barstyčiai were not only in the Middle Ages, but also in the recent times: after World War II, the partisans of the Alka team fought against the Soviet regime.
The sketch of the Barstyčiai coat of arms was created by the local artist Antanas Jankauskas. It was approved by the Lithuanian Heraldry Commission on 9 of June, 2011.
Description of the coat of arms: A red fantasty double-headed fish in a silver field, whose silhouette reminds the opposite rotated letter S.


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