Lenkimai5   Historical data: Lenkimai town, Skuodas district. The centre of the Lenkimai eldership is located near the Šventoji river, which is bordered by the Lithuanian border with Latvia. The origin of the town name is not known precisely. According to linguists, the name could have originated from the personal name "Lenkimas" or from the generic word.
The manor of Lenkimai and its village in historical sources was already mentioned in the 16th century
When considering the possible motives of the Lenkimai coat of arms, the Lenkimai community described three aspects of the town to the Lithuanian Heraldry Commission, i.e. culture, nature and border. That's why, there were some possible choices for the symbols of the coat of arms: a border pole, an owl, a stream and a road. After the discussion, it was decided to portray a golden owl in a green field on a rounded spike of the same colour and a road, because such selection of symbols and colours should be the best representation of the town. The owl is a symbol of science which pierce through the darkness. This symbol reflects the famous Lithuanian science representatives born in the area of the Lenkimai - Simonas Daukantas and Jurgis Pabrėža - Father Ambraziejus. The green colour of the shield symbolizes Margininkai botanical - zoological reserve. Another emblem of the coat of arms - a rounded spike rafter - is directly related to the geographic peculiarity of the area, as the old road of the Lenkimai went around the forest. If we will believe in one of the versions of the place name origin, this symbol would reflect not only the geographic peculiarity mentioned above, but also a specific allusion to the name of the town.
The sketch of coat of arms was created by the artist Rolandas Rimkūnas. It was approved by the Lithuanian Heraldry Commission on 5 of May, 2011.
Description of the coat of arms: a golden owl in a green field and a rounded spike rafter of the same colour at the foot of the shield.


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